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The Affordable Art Fair

Need art for a new apartment or just redecorating? Check out the Affordable Art Fair open through  Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.16.50 AMSeptember 29th. Exhibiting fifty booths from local and international art galleries. There is something for everyone!

Will Ramsay, the founder, came up with the concept of affordable art in 1996 when he opened Will’s Art Warehouse in London. His gallery made contemporary art accessible to everyone by focusing on up-in-coming artists who didn’t carry a premium for reputation. This allowed him to sell art from $100 to $5,000. Three years later, Will decided to start a fair with fellow galleries who sold affordable art. The Fair now takes place in several cities around the world.

The Affordable Art Fair also offers
several talks and tours. Free with admission. Among them is the Recent
Graduates talk, which takes place Saturday at 4PM. It will be an in-depth explanation of the Fall 2014 edition of The Recent Graduates work. Showcasing a cohesive collection inspired by The Tunnel, the venue for the fair. Upon entry, check out the art hanging from the ceiling.

The Affordable Art Fair offers many beautiful pieces. Finding “the perfect piece” takes time. Enjoy as you saunter through, eyeing creative & inspiring art. Once you spot a piece you like, chat with the gallerist to gather information about the artist and their work. Most importantly have fun!!