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Solfingers ” Sol-Protect Your Beauty”


Women are constantly investing in expensive lotions and sunscreens to protect the skin on their face and neck from sun damage; but what most ladies forget about is the fragile skin on their hands. Often the skin on the back of your hands is the first sign of aging and sun damage, but for many of us it’s bitterly neglected. In comes Solfingers, a brand dedicated to aging gracefully and protecting beautiful hands.

After searching hopelessly for a sun protection glove that was both effective and fashionable, Kelli Benson decided to start her own business Solfingers. These UVA and UVB protection gloves come in three different styles; the Solglove, the Solfingerless, and the Solsleeve. Made from a stretch tricot, the fabric not only absorbs the ultraviolet rays but also allows for easy function for activities such as driving, where slippery lotions and sunscreens can be a nuisance. Originating in Southern California, Kelli’s design esthetic has an obvious fun and beachy feel. From bright florals to sleek animal print, and even solid neutrals, there is a glove for any customer. Solfingers believes no one should have to sacrifice style for functionality, and they do just that with this fabulous range of sun protection gloves.

In addition to the gloves, Solfingers launched a nail polish line that carries custom colors chosen specifically to match the gloves. Formulated free of formaldehyde, toluene, camphor & DBP, this long lasting polish protects the surface of your nails while providing stylish color. With bright hues of red, yellow and blue, as well as subtler pinks, greys and browns, these polishes are the perfect companion to the Solfinger glove.

Kelli believes that “no matter what season, the future is now in protecting your hands” Protection from sun damage shouldn’t break the bank and it shouldn’t mean sacrificing style. With affordable gloves and polish, Solfingers says, “Beauty is at any age when sun protection begins at an early age.” Protect your beauty and age gracefully.