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Selling to Large Stores vs. Better Boutiques

Hello Talented Designers,
A  question that I get asked frequently when designers are working tirelessly to get their lines established in retail stores. “Should I contact and try to sell to large department stores first or small better independent boutiques.” Without hesitation, sell better boutiques first.
This response is for many reasons.
It is easier to get appointments and get the buyers attention. Selling to better boutiques is a cleaner business and you make more money. Large stores have many requirements along with requested discounts. And, if your line doesn’t sell to their standards which is generally a 15% sell-through each week they are going to want to return or ask for mark-down money. While maintaining their profits, while you are giving your product away. So…get established in boutiques, build your business, make money, get great exposure, build your brand and eventually work on selling the large stores. Or, you may realize you never want that business. There is a lot more cache to being well presented in cool specialty stores across the U.S. And, eventually internationally!
Email me anytime. I’d love to hear from you. I answer all emails.
Kelli Nelson