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Sarah Vickers – The Girl in Pearls


The epitome of “New England” style, Sarah can always be found comfortable and elegant in worn loafers, classic sweaters, and of course, pearls. Born in Rhode Island and co-founder to the Kiel James Patrick fashion accessory company, Sarah also manages to have a successful blog called-you guessed it, “Classy Girls Wear Pearls”. Her success with the nautical inspired fashion company she runs with her fiancé, Kiel James Patrick, has come from years of hard work and devotion to a simple idea. What started as buying hemp string at a craft store and hand making each and every bracelet sold, has now grown to have their own factory.

But we’re not here to talk about KJP accessories, we’re looking to get the inside scoop on classic New England Style. This preppy look can be hard to master, often ranging from extremely stuffy and overly mature, to looking like a youngster back in the early 2000s; anyone remember the first season of Gossip Girl? Sarah manages to make this modest style young by adding fun accessories, bright colors, cute prints, and shopping at the right stores. A few of her favorite brands to wear are J Crew, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste.

So, how do we achieve this New England Look? Well, here are few tips on maintaining this classic style without breaking the bank.

Splurge on timeless, quality pieces.

This means basics! A good button down, a nice cashmere sweater, and a pair of sensible shoes that look good with anything should be your go to’s when deciding what to splurge on.

Don’t be afraid of color

You should always have fun with bright, bold colors; you just need to be able to tone it down with a neutral basic. Sarah can often be seen in bright Kelly green trousers, or a magenta sweater, but she adds accessories, simple shoes, and neutral colored layering pieces to break up the color and keep it cool.

Purchase items you’ll wear a lot.

If you are struggling with the decision of whether to buy that super trendy, in season, floor length sweater with the fur lapel; remember this. Will you wear it more than once? Does it fit in with your existing wardrobe easily? Can you pair it with multiple items and create different looks? If the answer is yes, than go for it!

Now have fun adding some preppy, classic pieces to your wardrobe this holiday season. Until next time!

– Jen 🙂