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Pari Ehsan: Fusion of Art and Fashion

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.35.02 AMPari Ehsan is the woman behind Pari Dust, a blog and Instagram account. Pari conceptualizes  striking images that more than 150,000 people look for on their Instagram feed each day. Pari started off working at a design firm as an interior designer living in Los Angeles. And, recently nominated for the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Fashion Instagrammer of the Year Award.

One day after taking a picture of herself, Pari noticed the coat she was wearing matched the artwork she was standing in front of. This is where the idea for Pari Dust began. Pari searches for pieces of artwork or architectural spaces that she loves and are inspired by; then styles an outfit of high fashion clothing that compliments. In combining the two she creates beautiful minimalistic photographs, which are shot by her boyfriend, Jason, or photographer, Tyler.

The oeuvres come first. Every 
Saturday, Pari ventures out to 
hunt down her inspirations for the week. Starting in Chinatown where her apartment is, her giant closet is decorated by a collection of art. Pari then makes her way to Chelsea and ends in Upper Manhattan. When Pari comes across something that catches her eye, more often than not, instinctively she thinks of the perfect outfit to assemble. Now that Pari has become renowned, designers are always ready and willing to lend new pieces to Pari.  

Pari has expressed in several interviews that the combination of art, fashion and architecture was a natural choice for her. Combining the creative with the technical. Pari’s blog and Instagram are an avenue to share work from many artists and express her view on relationships between different art medias.

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