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New York Fashion Week: Fall 2015-2016


All You Need To Know

For us fashion enthusiasts it’s common knowledge that New York Fashion Week for Fall 2015 started this past week. But with crazy schedules, full time jobs, and the endless to do list that seems to grow every day it can be hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends. So what do you do when you want to join in the fashion frenzy but don’t have the time? Take to social media of course! With apps like instagram, twitter, facebook, and even snapchat we are able to stay connected to the fashion world without neglecting our everyday priorities. Celebrities and fashion bloggers alike have been tweeting, sharing photos, and posting short video recaps of their favorite looks, designers, and overall runway experience. So this week, we sat down with a cup a tea in hand, our phone in the other, and jotted down some trends, colors, patterns, and fabrics we saw trending during #NYFW

Derek Lam – Derek Lam’s collection was all about warm neutrals, sharp silhouettes, and no surprise-oversized outerwear. Blazers with long lapels and notched collars were extremely prevalent; as well as pops of turquoise and burnt orange mixed in with the tans, greys, and black color palette.

Tibi – The Tibi collection was the definition of feminine comfort-chic. Full of oversized crop tops, baggy turtlenecks, and sleek pencil skirts, the collection was painted with lovely pastel colors such as lavender, powder pink, and periwinkle blue.

Ralph Lauren- Ralph Lauren never disappoints, and this season was no different. The classic neutral color palette of white, cream, light grey, and camel was dominate with the exception of a few bright hues making statements. Large-scale tribal print decorated many of the sweaters, and dresses, and knit layering was also popular. A fun feature in the collection was the bright orange and green puffer jackets, as well as a couple of cozy poncho style sweaters.

Thakoon­ – Thakoon stood out from most of the other collections by using edgier colors, silhouttes, and fabrics. Throughout his collection there was a sense of glamour and effortless style, and not to mention an amazing visual display built on the runway. A standout of piece was the floor length silk pleated dress, which was covered in red, black, and grey, original motifs that were also seen on several other pieces.

Richard Chai – This collection had a darker twist to it with an overwhelming amount of grey, black, and white. Structured coats were layered and softened up with neutral plaids, and pops of brightly patterned silk. In addition almost everything was mid length adding to the “midi” trend, and worn with black tights and chunky black boots.

Lacoste – The Lacoste show was full of fun colors, clashing decades, classic coats, and even a bit of humor. The most prominent trend throughout the collection was the 80’s flare; seen with neon tracksuits, and bright sweatbands; we love the creativity! On the opposite side of the spectrum we saw neutral colored outerwear, specifically pea coats adorned with rain flaps, and structured collars. Overall, the collection was an interesting juxtaposition of workout gear meets business professional and somehow it worked!

That sums it up for the past couple days, but there is still so much more to come!! Stay tuned and stay connected with 24/7 recaps from your favorite instagramers, snapchatters and tweeters alike!