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London Fashion Trends for 2015


As we celebrate the beginning of a new year, we think about all of the new adventures, celebrations, and changes that 2015 will bring. It can be certain that for all of new experiences in 2015 we will need to be looking our best, so it is never too early to take a look at London’s upcoming 2015 Spring and Summer fashion trends. After seeing all of the budding trends showcased at London Fashion Week, there are a few specific styles and ideas that every fashionista should be on the lookout for.

It is expected that London’s 2015 Spring/Summer styles will have a bit of a sporty edge. However, this specific style will not be quite as laid back as it has been in the past. Designers have been mixing high fashion with sophisticated elements into their sportswear designs to create the perfect look for the upcoming seasons.


unnamed-2A clash of colors will also be added into the mix of styles on the streets of London. Bright and bold seems to be the way to go, as a number of designers have added a multitude of colors into their designs. Furthermore, what used to be considered a “color clashing nightmare” may just be turning into a bold and fashionable statement based on the clashing of colors seen in the recent runway collections of high fashion designers.

In the past, femininity may have been characterized as designs with a multitude of bows, pink fabrics, and flower accents, but this idea can be forgotten. Edgy femininity is the new style in the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Designers have mixed lace and delicate patterns, with harsh and edgy colors creating the perfect look for the strong, powerful, and feminine woman.

So as you get ready for the upcoming year, be on the lookout for London’s edgy and colorful Spring trends.