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Joe Zee Takes the Leap


Joe Zee, former creative director for Elle Magazine has decided to take a turn and join the digital world, specifically, the Internet giant Yahoo. He will serve as the editor and executive creative officer for their new style platform, as well as the editor of their beauty site.

Making the switch to Yahoo was not an easy decision but Zee says the idea of reaching such a large audience is what really pushed him over the edge. Unlike a hardcopy magazine where consumers must purchase the magazine to view the content,  Zee can speak to an enormous amount of readers instantly on Yahoo Style. With more than 700 million users a month, Zee will have more opportunities to impact not only the fashion industry but also the everyday consumer. As editor and executive creative officer, Zee will have the freedom to produce whatever type of content he’d chooses and be the voice and eyes of the site. Zee and Yahoo president, director and chief executive officer, Marissa Mayer are extremely excited for this next step for Yahoo; and aim to treat the site as Zee’s creative “playground”. We are eager to see what his large personality and exquisite taste have in store for us. In the meantime, here are a two style tips Joe Zee has for the average consumer.

1.)  “It’s all about FIT.”

When dressing yourself, it’s vital that you choose the correct size. No matter what body type you have, nothing will flatter more than a piece that fits you flawlessly.

2.)  “Mix high and low brands.”

To maintain an effortless balance, be sure each outfit you wear has a combination of high quality pieces as well as great staples for versatility. You don’t need to wear only brand name designers to pull off a great outfit. Joe Zee himself says his favorite “everyday” jeans come from Old Navy! At the San Francisco Yahoo Style event, he took his own advice and paired a Uniqlo button up with an Yves Saint Laurent sweater.

With Joe Zee on board, we predict a bright future for Yahoo Style. Be sure to keep an eye out for all you could want on pop culture, street style, trends, and fashion news coverage.