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Internet Phenomenon: Jenn Im

jennimJenn Im of Clothes Encounters is a world renowned fashion “vlogger” who has used her platform on Youtube to inspire fashion enthusiasts across the globe. What started in 2010 as a creative outlet amongst the hectic life of a college student, has now turned her into an internet sensation with over 1.3 million viewers each week.

Jenn’s style has always consisted of what she calls the “mix and match”, using high and low end pieces to compliment each other and create world class outfits. With a knack for thrifting, and styling $3 dollar tops to look like $300, Jenn has a tasteful fashion sense, and a wonderful out of the box creativity. Her youtube channel has weekly videos featuring the latest fashion trends, style advice, monthly “favorites” and much more. One of her most popular segements, WWJW, also known as “What Would Jenn Wear” incorporates her twitter followers and gives them outfit tips and tricks for all their fashion dilemmas.

In addition to her popular youtube channel, Jenn has worked with numerous fashion brands, traveling around the world to give out fashion advice. Brands like Thea by Thara have used her help in their advertorials, styling, and even featured her as a brand ambassador. Many brands have used Jenn to choose their seasonal assortment, style photoshoots, and bring in new customers. Simon Malls recently teamed up with Jenn for a “Back to School” styling segment, and major fashion magazines such as Teen Vogue and Seventeen have featured Jenn Im numerous times.

Known for her thrifted finds, insanely high heels, funky hats, and perfectly layered ensembles, Jenn Im should be your go to for staying up to date in the fashion Industry. Not one to play it safe, Jenn knows what she’s doing, and has the supporters to prove it.

Check out Jen Im’s youtube channel, “Clothes Encounters” here: