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Every piece of clothing we wear tells a story. Our style tells a story about who we are, what we do, what we like, and how we choose to express ourselves as individuals. Carrie and Matt of the fashion brand imogene+willie believe strongly in this fact and have based their entire company on the story they believed was most important to them. Carrie and Matt both had a love for creating clothing; in particular, they had a passion for making jeans. The couple untied through their career choices in regards to making jeans. After the two were married they decided to dedicate their new business to the people whose lives and stories had the greatest influence on them, their grandparents.  They believed that their grandparents had a large impact on the people they had become and Carrie and Matt wanted to honor their parents through their business. Imogene and Willie were the maternal grandparents of Carrie, which made the perfect name for their budding business. However, the couple made it clear that they received their inspiration from all four sets of their grandparents. jamesMain-brightened_1024x1024 juneCait_1024x1024As a group, their grandparents worked tirelessly in many different careers including a hunter, a fisherman, a roofer, a sergeant in WWII, a nurse, and assembly line worker, a volunteer caregiver, an airplane and ship builder, and many more. Carrie and Matt wanted to capture their hard working grandparents and incorporate them into their own work, which has created a well-made, fashionable line of clothing.

One of the must haves from the current collection is the Imogene Slim Black. This classic look is based off of Imogene’s personal style that incorporated beautiful fashion sense with an everyday practicality. This black pant captures the essence of that style perfectly and is the excellent choice to add a classic and fashionable piece to your wardrobe. If you are looking for a more casual look then try the June Chambray. This laid back look is both comfortable and cute. It is a must have from their collection. Of course, being that the company’s main focus is the jean products, you should definitely take a look at a classic jean, a favorite being the James Rigid jean, capturing the perfect look for your next favorite pair of jeans.

Capture the heart behind the business and the perfect fashion statement by buying your next look from imogene+willie.