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Festival Fashion: 2015

In our last post we touched on festival style, but now that the Spring’s hottest music festival is right around the corner we figured it was a good time to dive in a little deeper. The fashion that is discovered at spring music festivals are more often than not the biggest trends of the coming summer. So lets stay ahead of the game shall we? Here’s a peak into the hottest trends for 2015 festival season.


     Starting from the the top, head gear plays a huge part in festival fashion. Everything from giant flower crowns, to extravagant hats are accepted. The bigger the better when it comes making a fashion statement. Lots of oriental and ethnic beading was incorporated into SS 2015 runway shows and bright colors, feathers, fringe, ribbons, and chains all played a part. This is a trend you can have a lot of fun with. Don’t be afraid to go crazy; in this case, more is more.


Probably the easiest and most versatile fashion trend of this year’s festival season will be maxi dresses. What sets these dresses apart from regular maxi’s you see all year round, is the tunic aspect. A huge trend will be oversized tunic like dresses in bright colors and patterns. Very hippie era, very 70’s. Another popular trend this Spring will be darker colors, especially black. This may come as a surprise; usually spring is associated with a lighter color palette, but don’t be fooled; black head to toe is coming with vengeance. We saw a touch of it at last year’s festivals, but in 2015, look for dark crochet lace, denim, suede, and silk flowing fabrics. Side note; an abundance of sheer fabrics were seen on SS 2015 runway. Meaning most likely, they will also be prevalent this weekend.


Remember way back when tie dye and bell bottoms were all the rage? Well here we are in 2015 and the hippie chic look is just a popular as ever. Tie dye silks were seen on the runways, and popular brands such as Vince, Viola, Equipment, Bebe, and many more are coming out with gorgeous tie dye dresses and blouses. As for bell bottoms, they’ve been spotted here and there in the past few seasons but only on the most fearless trendsetters. This festival season, we’ll be seeing bellbottoms ranging from denim to jersey with bold tribal patterns and fun florals. Usually worn with crop tops, this is a fun and comfortable way to look stylish and chic this season.

LAYER, LAYER, LAYER:accessories

Last but not least, our final festival fashion tip is to accessorize like there’s no tomorrow. Layering necklaces is the easiest way to glam up a casual outfit and make it stand out. Play with different metals, sizes, and lengths to stack and layer effectively. Also, fun sunglasses always add the perfect statement to a look and can even be the focal point of an outfit. This season, colorful, reflective lenses are extremely popular; as well as clear frames, exaggerated cat eye shapes, and thin wire frames. Lastly, play with your bags. You are definitely going to need something to carry around all your things (water, sunglasses, wallet, water, phone, water etc…) so why not make it part of the look? We absolutely love the fanny pack trend, and as for regular shoulder bags; you can’t go wrong with fringe or studs (or both!).

Hope this was helpful and got you excited for a fantastic festival season!

Most photos found on Pinterest.