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Designer Lookout: Waltzing Matilda


 Starting in the back of a VW van in Pennsylvania, Waltzing Matilda may have changed in size but never in style. From the beginning, Waltzing Matilda has strived to be more than just a company. This brand has been created with heart and time honored traditions. Every creation is unique, built entirely by hand, causing no two pieces to be exactly alike. The pieces are made up of leathers that have been specifically selected, and in some cases refurbished, for the designs. The brand takes pride in the fact that no piece of leather will ever go to waste. Every scrap will be incorporated into a new design. The owner of Waltzing Matilda, Mike Balitsaris, has chosen to take a hands-on approach to the creation process, wanting to be able to oversee the projects in place. Therefore, every piece is made in the U.S. by hand-picked employees that often work out of their homes. Every item created holds the fingerprints and personality of an employee that used methods from generations past to create the perfect piece that can then be passed on to the future generations.


One of Waltzing Matidla’s most unique qualities is the ability to restore old pieces. An example of this is the one-of-a-kind Navajo backpack. This specific piece is not only stylish, but also historic.  While in Arizona, Balitsaris came across some old Navajo blankets. He decided to take one of the blankets apart and pair it with an old piece of leather to create the base of the backpack. He then used officer’s belts from WWI as the straps. In the end, a functional, stylish, and meaningful design was 3E3F3274-480created.

Although Waltzing Matilda does have a unique collection of restored items, there are also an abundance of new pieces created by the company as well. One piece that stands out from the current collection is the Rachel Tote. Having a clean and simplistic design, this hand crafted bag has been labeled as having the “perfect shape.” It is the ideal accessory for a day at the office, a stroll on the beach, or everyday errands.

Having both a keen eye in fashion and a passion for heartfelt designs, Waltzing Matilda has made itself stand out among the rest as a unique and popular brand.