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5 Unique Denim Trends to Love (Or Hate)

We’ve seen many trends come and go, but not many items have withstood the test of time like denim jeans. Though they have undergone countless revamps and makeovers throughout the years, they’ve remained a constant in everybody’s wardrobes. This year, brands decided to go the extra mile for your staple jeans, although some trends proved to be hit-or-miss situations. See for yourself which ones are dominating the street and runways — and perhaps soon, your closet too.


Subtle side stripes were once reserved for sports or athletic wear, predominantly on tees and joggers. Denim jeans have caught on and decided to adapt it, resulting in a dressier alternative to track pants. They still have that varsity-inspired feel too, usually coming in uniform colors such as red or blue. This trend is on the less adventurous side of the trend curve — pair these jeans with a shirt and you’re good to go. Take your cue from celebrities like Jennifer Garner, whose striped denim pants put a colorful twist on her wardrobe staple.

Side Striped Jeans


Embellished denim has been around since the time of R&B music videos and girl groups, usually matched with colorful cropped tops and a flared cut for that ultimate retro feel. Now, the trend is back with a vengeance. Some designers opted for street-ready sequin accents, while others have decided to go full force on the ornamentation. Glamour notes that this year’s designs all have one thing in common, and that’s their penchant for going extra on the detailing. To adapt to this trend, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and let yourself (and your pants) shine. 


2017 was the year of the skinny-meets-baggy, which we previously talked about here on Find Fashion. While it was a daring and refreshing silhouette, the trend didn’t quite stick. Now, we’re seeing a more refined version of the trend — this time being worn by people of all figures and sizes. Balance is key when it comes to wearing anything oversized. So if you plan on wearing baggy pants, pair it with a tighter-fitting top to offset your silhouette.

Clear-knee jeans

The plastic jeans trend caused a divide on the internet when it first blew up. Self Magazine noted that they are either a disgrace to fashion itself, or the coolest pants that are way ahead of their time. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, these clear-knee jeans aren’t an everyday sight on the street, so you’re sure to turn more than a few heads if you wear them.

Detachable jeans

Cargo pants have always been utilitarian in nature, so when brands came out with detachable versions you could turn into shorts, no one batted an eyelash. However, the same cannot be said for detachable jeans. Pretty Me likened them to the thigh-high denim boot trend, which garnered many dagger looks in the fashion world. Sadly, even the most fabulous models like Gigi Hadid couldn’t salvage the look, proving that jeans are just better off as a single piece.